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Liechtenstein (1978) has provided a good summary of what writers say about this side of our lives.

Almost everything that Hippocrates said is worthy of attention, careful thought, although this speech, apparently, is more addressed to fellow citizens than to doctors. Nevertheless, the future physician must weigh his possibilities - the natural movement of helping the suffering, the inevitable atmosphere of difficult spectacles and experiences.

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The Great October Socialist Revolution created new, most humane rules for medical practice. All the relationship between doctor and patient, distorted by bourgeois ideology and practice, has changed dramatically. The creation of a public health care system that provides free medical care has established a new relationship between doctor and patient.

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Image for First heart transplant performed at Dell Children’s

First heart transplant performed at Dell Children’s

The existing hospitals provided meager assistance to the sick. Only during the Great French Revolution of 1789 did state regulation of medical education and assistance begin; for example, since 1795, by decree, compulsory education of students at the bedside was introduced.